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"Passion for Circlular Plastics"

Tools & guidance to succeed in a circular plastics industry

SBS Plastics Trainings

Increase your company's performance by improving your staff's knowledge and know-how !

SBS organizes in-house plastic trainings for companies, who produce, sell or transform plastic materials and design or use plastic parts. The training programs are tailored to the specific needs of your company and to the participants in the training course. SBS plastics trainings are available in English, French and German.

SBS Consultancy & Representations

Technical and sales & marketing advice to enter new markets with advanced technologies and innovative products

SBS offers technical consultancy for the plastics industry regarding the development of new products, material selection, defects, quality control, edition of technical literature,etc.

Conctact SBS as well to perform a market analysis, to elaborate new marketing strategies as well as for new product introduction, new market acquisitions,...


Optimized twin-screw extrusion processes for efficient compounding and recycling operations

SBS represents also the French company Sciences Computers Consultants and their numerical simulation software Ludovic® for co-rotating twin-screw extrusion processes.